Multicultural Leadership Scholars Program (MLSP)

MLSP is a year-long program designed to develop students’ understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion and their impact in society as well as at Guilford. Students can apply to MLSP at the end of their first year. Currently, only sophomore, juniors and seniors are allowed to be in the program. MLSP scholars receive a scholarship for the academic year. Scholars meet every Wednesday night from 6pm – 8pm. 

Paula Hernandez, MLSP Coordinator

Paula is the Assistant Director to the Intercultural Engagement Center and LatinX Community Coordinator. Within that role, she serves as the MLSP Coordinator. 

MLSP Academic Class of ’19-’20

  • First row, from the bottom, left to right: Paula Hernandez, Alina Santos, Chloe Wells, Dayna Bryden, Andrea Muñiz Alvarado.
  • Second row from bottom: Maya Walfall, Delaney Taylor, Haydyn Foulke.
  • Third row from bottom: XinXin Zhou, Chantea Neal, Kathleen Caspersen, YP Phillips.
  • Back row: Haya Mujali, Benita Bahoya, Daniel Angel de la Rosa (behind Benita) Asa Bell, Kyia O’Neal.
  • Not pictured: Lizbeth Nieto

MLSP TA’s help with both creating and co-facilitating the MLSP class. TA responsibilities range from choosing weekly readings, mentoring and reviewing progress on MLSP scholars’ final projects, as well as helping facilitate leadership development sessions, among other things. This 2019-2020 academic year, Andrea Muñiz-Alvarado and Chloe Wells will serve as the MLSP class teaching assistants.

’19-’20 MLSP Teaching Assistants (TA)
Andrea Muñiz-Alvarado (left) & Chloe Wells (right).

MLSP Academic Class of ’18-’19

MLSP Academic Class of ’18-’19

’18-’19 MLSP Teaching Assistants (TA)
Celene Warren (left), Olivia Winder (right)